tirsdag den 20. oktober 2009

Welcome to my blog

This is new to me but sometimes I just have to tell what I think and feel about the things, we do to eachother and to this planet.
BIG STUFF... Yes I agree but still.
And then there are all the LITTLE THINGS that makes our life ( how short it may be ) an amazing voyage.
OK.. now I am started. More will follow. Have to set up my blog , make my private place unik.
Ohh. One more thing.. visit this blog. " bellecurvedesign " and meet a very special person who is very dear to me.

Wow... found my way in here again...This country has been crazy this vinter... over 2 months of snow and tempertures below freezing point .. havent been like this in 15 years or more..
well.. some good news too.. my "new "bikefinaly came yesterday.. a 27 year "old" honda CX sport...now all I need is some good weather and some sunshine... and im off on the road..