tirsdag den 2. november 2010

I can see Belle curve has got a new roof... cool...the she can keep herself dry during the comming winter..


Dont go to tea party`s, USA are not owned by american`anymore, just by money, mostly from China and Saudi Arabia vith friends.. So stop and learn... USA are not alone in the world anymore and you are dependent on the rest of the world. SO. dont vote for the wrong party on this day..

May God be with you all and make you do the right thing.

tirsdag den 9. marts 2010


Maybe I will learn to use this in due time.. ( wonder what that realy means)
Sagrada Famila church by Gaudi in Barcelona


Marts 9.2010

The winter is still crazy in europe, 2 feet of snow in Barcelona last night, been 25 years since they had vinter there.. I was down there last september cool.. 28 celcius in the daytime..You shold see that strange church the build down there ( they started over a hundred years ago and need 20 more before they are finished. Ill put in some pictures.. see you later..